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Small and mid-sized companies can usually handle routine IT support issues, but today’s complex technology requires advanced-level support. A managed services contract from WGTECH offered AC Electric IT expertise, cost savings, and – perhaps most important of all – peace of mind. AC Electric provides a range of electrical, engineering, and mechanical services, including motor, generator, and pump repairs and equipment sales. It has two locations – Auburn and Bangor, Maine – and it has worked with WGTECH since 1997, when it hired the company to help it switch from a Unix-based network to Windows. “We have been working with them ever since,” says Marcia Clark, Treasurer of AC Electric Corp.


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Like many mid-sized businesses, AC Electric cannot justify the cost of a full-time IT support person on staff, and instead assigned one person to manage basic support needs and coordinate with external IT vendors for advanced IT support. In 2009, that staffer moved on, and AC Electric decided the time was right for a more comprehensive approach to IT support.

“We have a continued need for advanced technologies,” says Clark. “WGTECH’s managed services program made a lot of sense.”

AC Electric now contracts with WGTECH to handle IT support for its three internal network servers and 20 desktop PCs at a set monthly fee. WGTECH uses its automated systems and support tools for remote monitoring and maintenance, and provides on-site support as required. The service includes:

  • Remote monitoring and problem resolution.
  • On-site support and repair as needed.
  • Patches and upgrades for server and PC operating systems.
  • Remote system administration.
  • Virus/spyware removal.
  • Installation and configuration of business operating software.

Despite increasing its level of support, AC Electric has held its IT support costs steady. Because it pays a set monthly fee rather than hourly rates, it has received thousands of dollars of extra services at no additional cost. In addition, AC Electric now has a single source for IT support and strategic services as well as consultation on how best to align and optimize its IT infrastructure to its business needs.

“The managed services program offers us peace of mind,” says Clark. “I don’t have to worry about it every single day.”

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