Businesses can work with any number of vendors to access technology and support services, but for Auburn, ME-based architectural and engineering firm Harriman, developing a long-term relationship with WGTECH has produced a number of business benefits, including the ability to quickly recover from an IT emergency. This 140-year old firm manages three offices and 75 employees with one IT professional on staff, and relies on the expertise of WGTECH for technology advice, strategic planning, and for back-up support. Harriman has more than 120 devices connected to its network, along with a full roster of email servers, data storage, desktop computing, and networking devices. Its offices are integrated with central data storage, a key feature for its complex storage needs. "It requires a lot of technology to keep it active, secure, and managed," says Michael Polley, IT manager for Harriman. "There are so many things to keep current on in information technology, and it can be overwhelming. WGTECH is always getting fresh information and training, and I lean on them for their expertise."

Polley has established a tight relationship with WGTECH: "I call WGTECH frequently, and keep them tight in the loop so that they know what is going on in our IT infrastructure," says Polley. "It is the best way to stay current, find out best practices, brainstorm support ideas, and learn about new products and how they perform."

WGTECH delivers a number of business benefits to Harriman, including:

  • • Expertise on a wide array of technology: Polley focuses on applications and staff issues, and relies on WGTECH for specialized skills in networking, firewalls, data servers, and data storage. "WGTECH experts maintain their training and certifications in multiple areas, and I can call in someone to help with any concern," says Polley. "I can't maintain all of those specific skills and do my daily job."
  • • Back up for vacations and during peak workloads: Harriman is able to maintain a one-man IT department with Polley because of its relationship with WGTECH. "I need to have coverage in case I'm out, or if something goes wrong," says Polley. "WGTECH covers our back."
  • • Strategic planning and emergency preparedness: When Harriman acquired a company, Polley called in WGTECH to assess its technical infrastructure and develop an integration plan. While the recession stalled its implementation, Harriman was prepared when the office's data server crashed. "Rather than just fixing it to go back the way it was, we were able to take a step forward," says Polley. "We had already done the strategic planning and determined the best path." In addition, because of his longstanding relationship, WGTECH escalated the implementation of the plan to minimize Harriman's downtime. "WGTECH acquired the hardware overnight, and configured it the next day," says Polley. "Even though it was an emergency situation, it didn't feel that way. We had a plan, we escalated it, and it turned out well."

The WGTECH – Harriman partnership has been built on a combination of trust and expertise. "WGTECH has never let us down. They invest in training, and their level of expertise is better than other firms," says Polley. "WGTECH understands what is going on in the industry, and also understand my infrastructure and business needs."

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