Time Warner data breach


Time Warner has confirmed a major data breach of email addresses and passwords impacting up to 320,000 customers nationwide. Early reports suggest that this breach impacts residential customers, with those using the Road Runner email accounts (username@rr.com) at the highest risk. If you share sensitive information such as credit card numbers, monitor those accounts closely. If you receive a large number of people reporting that you have sent a "spam" or other unlikely email, that is another trigger.

The best bet for all Time Warner users is to change any passwords immediately; follow good password protocol by choosing a password with eight or more characters, a mix of numerals and letters, including upper and lower case, plus at least one special character ($, %, @, etc.).

The WGTECH team is happy to work with your office to provide some practical tips about phishing, spam, and good email and web surfing hygiene. Just contact us to set up a time.

Customers with questions or concerns can call the TWC Care team at 1-844-899-8913. Time Warner Cable Business Class customers are urged to call 1-866-892-4249.

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