WGTECH Proves a Perfect Fit for Coca-Cola Bottling Company of New England


Like many companies with multiple disparate locations, Internet connectivity is important for Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Northern New England (CCNNE). Yet when costs for a back-up ISDN line threatened to spiral out of control, and tech partners were hard to work with, the company sought the advice of the experts at WGTECH to design a better solution. Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Northern New England (CCNNE) is one of the nation’s largest Coca-Cola bottlers. Once a single distributor in Laconia, NH back in 1977, the company now operates 16 distribution centers across New England and New York, ranging from Presque Isle, Maine, to Burlington, Vermont. One of the company’s challenges was that it needed to simplify operations, while increasing reliability of their network in order to have more of a streamlined infrastructure. “Our goal is to be as redundant as possible with our communication lines; if a site is down, it’s a hardship,” emphasizes George Oickle, CCNNE’s Network Systems Administrator.

George was also looking for a partner that fit their business. “We aren’t an enterprise business and I felt like I had to chase [partners] around for business, and I shouldn’t have to do that. WGTECH is knowledgeable, accessible, and easy to talk to.”

WGTECH and CCNNE worked together to develop a backup scenario that provided redundancy and failover in order to minimize downtime. CCNNE’s former infrastructure was becoming a very costly endeavor due to the variability in its pricing and needed to be replaced. The proposed and implemented backup solution is a fixed cost and, therefore, can be budgeted.

For added protection during a circuit failure, WGTECH recommended that the VPN tunnels pass through the corporate web filter. As some of CCNNE’s branches are depots with full internet permissions, moving the VPN’s through the content filter provided ample security. “I was able to use their expertise to make some decisions and otherwise would not have known about the possibilities,” says Oickle. To conclude the project, three backup scenarios for redundancy per site were tested and implemented to ensure minimal downtime in any circuit failure situation.

Also in need of a Wide Area Network (WAN) upgrade, CCNNE’s routing was addressed, as there were multiple paths and unnecessary circuits. Some devices were eliminated and others were rebuilt in order to consolidate and provide a less cluttered environment. As a second phase, WGTECH migrated the production frame relay WAN to MPLS with no surprises or unplanned downtime. “Routers are a specialty that I am not as comfortable with and I needed to make a jump with the project,” says Oickle. “I was impressed with WGTECH’s experienced engineers.”

Overall costs were a significant benefit of this solution, as the WGTECH team was able to work with and rebuild CCNNE’s current infrastructure. Moving forward, George notes that, “if a problem comes up, I have someone who knows my network and I can give them a call and they are available to help. It’s nice knowing that there is someone who’s knowledgeable and easy to reach.”

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